Pennsylvania Arts Experience

Artist and gallery trail

The Pennsylvania Arts Experience is a non-profit arts organization promoting the arts along the scenic river valleys of southeastern Pennsylvania. There are numerous artists and galleries in the River Towns area, which are part of the trail.

The Susquehanna Riverlands is teaming with a wide array of contemporary painters, weavers, quilters, printmakers, potters, glassblowers, woodworkers, etc., many with national or international reputations, working in unique and spectacular studios located in renovated barns or adaptively reused buildings in the small towns along the way. In addition to offering museums, galleries and studios with public hours, the PAE Artist Trail features exclusive behind-the-scenes tours of many of these artist studios not usually open to the public, allowing the visitor to interact with the artists and gain insight into their creative process, as well as providing the opportunity to help support the artists’ creative work through the direct purchase of original works of art.

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