Otter Creek / Urey Overlook Nature Preserve

Lancaster County Conservancy Nature Preserve and hiking trail

Otter Creek offers a scenic trailĀ  that includes the Mason-Dixon Trail andĀ  also leads to the Urey Overlook in Lower Chanceford, York County. Remnants of the great American chestnut can be found on the preserve. An acidic loving plant community of oaks, hemlocks, and maples can be observed among rocky outcroppings along Otter Creek.

Hike at your own risk. Urey Overlook is managed by PADCNR and Otter Creek Nature Preserve is managed by the Lancaster County Conservancy. Parking is available at the DCNR Urey Overlook Parking lot.

Visit the Conservancy website at to learn more about hiking, hunting, and parking conditions and any restrictions.

Urey Trailhead Parking Area, Lower Chanceford, York County, PA

(717) 392-7891