Safe Harbor Preserve

Lancaster County Conservancy Nature Preserve and hiking trail

Historically, this area was an early staging area for Native American tribes traversing the Susquehanna River from the settlements surrounding Conestoga and present day Manor Township. The harbor is actually an inlet where the Conestoga River from the rest of Lancaster County meets up with the Susquehanna River proper. It was known throughout the region for its plentiful bounty of fish and wildlife that sustained the Conestoga Native Americans for centuries.

This preserve is comprised of a rich, moist hardwood forest. The dominant species in the canopy are tulip trees, but there is also an abundance of maple, birch, hickory, beech, ash, elm, and sycamore trees.

Parking is available off Observation Road and access is avialble from this Preserve to the Manor Low Grade.  Visit the Conservancy website at to learn more about hiking, hunting, and parking conditions and any restrictions.