Early American Auto Day at the Ma & Pa Railroad!

July 16th from 1 pm to 5 pm

Car shows come in all shapes and sizes but few compare to Early American Auto Day on Sunday, July 16th at the Ma & Pa Railroad Heritage Village in Muddy Creek Forks, York County. The Horseless Carriage Club of America will present these amazing engineering marvels dating from the 1915 era of the village. The Club describes its type of vehicle this way:

“This unique period of automotive history covers the turn of the century to the end of carriage coachwork, gas lights, hand cranking and profuse use of brass. For the most part, only the wealthy owned automobiles during this pre 1916 era, and ownership required a pioneering spirit, inventiveness and superior mechanical ability to keep these early automobiles functioning.”

Model T Ford at the Ma and Pa Railroad  


Come experience these beautiful automobiles for yourself from 1 pm to 5 pm, including Model T’s, an EMF, Chevrolet, REO, Maxwell, Chalmers-Detroit, Buick and an early International truck. You can also take a motorcar train ride in the scenic Muddy Creek Valley and explore the central role of the railroad in the authentic 1915 village with general store, mill, grain elevator, and antiques. The car show is free to the public. Hourly motorcar train rides are available throughout the car show and other days when the village is open. Tickets: $7.00 adult, $5.00 child, under 3 ride free. You may buy tickets at the village or online with a $1.00 handling fee.