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Trout Run Nature Preserve

Lancaster County Conservancy Nature Preserve and hiking trail

The nearby Susquehanna River is a major draw for migratory birds. So it is little wonder that the Trout Run draws Louisiana water thrush, who nest in the area, as well as warblers and woodland bird species. The 198-acre preserve features a heavily wooded ravine with more than 12 species of ferns, a colorful palette of spring-blooming wildflowers and other lush foliage that line the footpaths near Trout Run, which flows into the Pequea Creek, a tributary of the Susquehanna River.

Fishing and hunting are permitted in season. Hike at your own risk. The preserve is managed by the Lancaster County Conservancy. This Preserve links to the Enola Low Grade hiking trail and can be accessed from the trail.

Visit the Conservancy website at www.lancasterconservancy.org to learn more about hiking, hunting, and parking conditions and any restrictions.

Stump Road, Pequea, PA



(717) 392-7891

Same Location as Steiman Run Nature Preserve